Go Green Insulation Company


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Except to comply with legislation insulation is one of the smartest investments you can make to your home because it provides year-round comfort and savings. Consider the following…


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Although all insulation is green in a sense, we strive to give our customers the greenest insulation options available at competitive prices. Go Green Insulation wants to be part of the contractor’s and house-owner’s choice to ‘GO GREEN”…


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Calculate the specific R-Value applicable to your house to comply to legislation and request a Quote to GO Green.

In 2011 SANS10400 Part XA and SANS 204, new legislation to make buildings more energy efficient, was slowly started to being enforced.

To satisfy this legislation roof ceilings need to be insulated when a new buildings are being erected. Due to the rise in demand of ceiling insulation and also the public awareness of green and eco friendly products Go Green insulation (Pty) Ltd stepped into the market to fulfil this need.

Based in Centurion, Gauteng enables us a Go Green to provide insulation installations to all our surrounding areas. Our main focus is insulation installations in Pretoria as we are a Pretoria based insulation company.

Our insulation products we have on offer;

  • Roofing insulation installed;
    • Cellulose Fibre loose-fill insulation blown in.
    • Polyester Fibre blanket insulation
  • Geyser and pipe insulation

As a TIASA registered contractor Go Green Insulation adheres to the highest standards to ensure the customer get what he/she paid for.